£38.00 Basic Rate - 1 Hour
£36.00 Student Rate - 1 Hour
£20.00 Special Offer For Complete Beginner - First 2 Hours
£35.00 Block Booking Rate - Minimum 10 Hours (£350)
£38.50 Block Booking Rate - Minimum 12 Hours (£385)
Pass Plus

The DSA pass plus course follows on from passing your driving test and is designed to help broaden your driving experiences in different situations, such as motorway driving.
Although the 6 pass plus modules cost £270, Hampshire County Council currently pay £75 towards this cost (for drivers aged 17-24), reducing the overall cost to £195. Register here
Motorway Driving

If you are concerned about driving on a motorway, I offer a 2 hour session on key motorway driving skills to help build your confidence £90.00